Trigon Executor
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Trigon Executor

The best Lua script executor, execute 99% of scripts on both Windows and Android. Advanced GUI, custom themes, weekly updates.

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Trigon Executor

What is Trigon Executor?

On Windows 8–11, Trigon Evo is guaranteed to function. Up to date executor for the most recent version of Roblox. Moreover, it boasts the greatest Roblox Exploit GUI (Graphical User Interface). Along with many other features, it offers a personalized theme!

It has a fully customizable, advanced user interface and is optimized with strong code to stay unnoticed. Among the best free exploits, this one is!

Trigon Executor
Trigon Executor

Android version

Smoothly working and fresh version of Trigon Executor is able to execute any Lua scripts you want on your Android device. Completely free and safe to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer to respond to the questions that people frequently ask.

It crashes sometimes, why?

If the program consistently crashes upon injection, kindly exit the game for at least 30 seconds before attempting to re-enter. Occasionally, it may require several attempts to resume normal operation. Alternatively, rebooting your computer might also resolve the issue. Alternative to use can be quite popular and stable Vega X or Nezur Executor that works in the similar way.

Trigon Executor crashed, why?

Certain scripts consume an excessive amount of RAM, leading to the game crashing mid-play. For example, the fly script significantly strains RAM usage, causing the game to eventually crash. Numerous scripts are not designed to sustain long-term operation.

Is Trigon Evo support both Windows and Android?

Yes, exactly, Trigon Executor supports both operational system. You can use it on the desktop and mobile device.